I will always support people's art and outlets for creativity, but I, personally, can no longer support my own. That is to say, I am no longer writing for the classic rock fandom, least of all for the Beatles fandom.

I appreciate the kind words, encouragement, comments, and reads on all of my works these past three years - if I ever seemed ungrateful, know that I am deeply sorry and, even if I never communicated it, I have always at least privately been over-the-moon-grateful for everything.

And now I'm asking for your forgiveness that I am symbolically terminating this account and deleting my stories. I can no longer condone the type of art I've presented to you all, so I'm attempting to start anew. This has been a mistake I've followed for the past three years, but it is one I'm fixing starting now.

Thank you for enjoying my stories - your support has meant EVERYTHING to me. I will take your support to heart and pour it into something more productive, and most importantly, something I can be truly proud of. Thank you all, again.
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