Hello pumpkin~
          I just wanted to say that you are an amazing person and you will do awesome inspirational things one day and I believe you will because you have the potential and you may not see it now but that’s just because you haven’t discovered the wonderful things you can do...You are loved and cared for wether that be by family or friends or close relationships and you may not feel the greatest right now but that’s life...life is always going to throw obstacles your way you just have to stand strong stand your ground and dodge those obstacles get past them strongly not only physically but mentally and emotionally because It’s only a bad day not a bad life you warm people’s heart with your beautiful personality and I just wanted to let you know that keep doing what you are doing your making so many people happy~ stay strong and don’t let anyone get In your way of achieving your goals in life you do you boo I believe in you I also wanted to say stay safe and hydrated make sure to eat and rest and if you have any troubles or anything feel free to pm or message on my mb I am always open ♡ 


this message may be offensive
my baby! 
          i know a lot of people only see the sexual parts of our conversations so naturally they'd assume that's the only thing we do. and yes we do that stuff a lot but- i love you for more than just that. I love your handsone smile, and the way you smell good all the time ): i fit in your clothes and it's indistinguishable who's is who's ✋ you deal with alllll my bullshit and you're the most patient person that i know. you love me for me, and take what i have to give.. on day i'm gonna marry you, i swear to god. but i gotta go now ): i love you so much, my love, my oxygen, my caleb. ♡
          ㅡ luca