She had enough, after all these years of relationship, just wanted a ring, just that, all she wished for was to get married, wanted him to say those proposal words as she always imagined would happen some day
          	Yet, instead he got her a teddy with the best pure smile, she was in disbelief, she was furious, she threw the teddy on the road and started walking away 
          	His smile faded away watching her throw the teddy and walk away, he went back to pick it up from the road thinking no car was ahead but...he got ran over 
          	She stopped in her tracks, her heart almost stopping to the loud crash 
          	She turned back to see him laying dead with the teddy in his grip 
          	At the hospital, she sat there with the teddy staring at it, waited and waited for any response from the doctor, after what seemed like an eternity, the doctor came out
          	She rushed up towards the doctor, panicking asking non stop questions, the doctor didn't reply to any of them, just said "he fought really hard, yet we...I'm sorry" and left her 
          	This wasnt suppose to happen, why, why is all she thought 
          	As she came back home from the funeral she looked at the teddy...it does have little blood stains, but she can't just throw it, taking a good look at the teddy she hugged it tight with tears leaving her eyes, as a voice came out of it "will you marry me?" 
          	She looked at the back of the teddy there was a zip, she looked inside and found a box 
          	And inside the box was the thing she waited for so long
          	A ring.


@TaeTae_Luw_ would be lying if I said i didn't feel lump in my throat


how are you doing my love 鉂


@TaeTae_Luw_ YES IKK! im asking if ur also living in the emirates cuz same here bestie!!


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