unbiased opinion from someone who hadn’t read dear martin or any of nic stones books before reading “little spark”: 
          i read “little spark” a looong time ago, around 2 years ago, but i’m still as hyped for it as ever and plan to reread it over and over again!!!! it blows my mind that this wasn’t even a final draft yet was one of thE BEST books i’ve ever read, and that’s coming from an extremely, and i mean extremely, picky, avid reader. i keep checking in every couple of months to see if another book has been started here or if there are any updates n i will probably still keep holding out for one!! 
          although you stated in the book blurb that this book may not lead anywhere, i’m begging you, please please, do not let this story die here. it’d be an actual crime. this book is fking phenomenal n deserves to be appreciated on a wider scale. also, teensy weensy favor, please end our misery and write a second book 

tianawritesthings you're actually the actual Nic Stone? If you are then you probably won't respond to this.I had to ask because on Wattpad people often pretend to be other people. If you are you are an amazing author and I know this is your fun account but I just wanted to let you no that. My class finished reading your book Dear Martin last month and we were hooked from start to finish. It was just so thought provoking and lead us to addressing some interesting topics. I am an aspiring author and the funny thing is your story's characters somewhat inspired mine well at least the names.I would love to one day create a story that leaves you with something like yours did myself and my class. I would love to create characters others can see themselves in like I see myself in SJ  and almost every single character in your book. I can't wait to read "Little Spark" and whatever else you have in store. Thanks so much for being an inspiration. 
          Keep being amazing, 


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          I am new to the Wattpad platform, writing my first book on this platform. Please show your little love towards my first book, I would really appreciate it.

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