Gusto niyo ba gawan ko ng Filipino translation? Nakakatamad pero kung may gusto edi keri lang HAHAHAHA


I am just a new reader here in your platform, and I started recently on your book "Tulips,"  I just feel sad cause I only read a few of its chapters... I wish you could return it back to what it was before cause my heart is going to explode the moment I saw the update (preview), it made me feel blue... cause I really did enjoy reading it, cause it wants me to try to love again 


   The Princess series still has me reeling. Wow. Just wow. It was well written and kept me hooked. Im pissed off at Val, like he had so many chances just to change and to be a better person and he wasn't he was an a****** all throughout a long and like he gives him oh I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm going to change and he never did not once even in the end I'm still I'm still on edge. 
                 And Luke was so kind to him. Too kind I think like when when they found them in the end of the second book and he stabbed them in the neck and stuff he could have been so much more angrier with him he could have like you know been like don't f****** touch my family stay the f*** away from us like we don't care he could have literally killed him he should have killed him but he did it for the sake of his daughter which I understand but damn it was good you did a good job thank you. 
                Sincerely thank you it was very good those two books were very good like even in the first book I was like oh Val you know I was on his side and you know I liked him but then when he shot his dad while he was trying to save Luke I was like nope that's it nope and then he came back and he was like oh I'm going to change I'm going to change and I was like okay okay give him a chance and then he took Alessandra away and I was like no I like done I didn't want to give him any more chances but it was really well written and thank you. 
                You did a very good job author thank you. 


I really loved both Princess books and what you've published so far of Desperate. I'm basically here to beg for Princess 3 and the continuation of Desperate in case you were thinking of abandoning it. I love your characters and your writing style. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!