Hallo this is a shared account between the members of the Endermen Dimensions!
Basically, we're going to have books based on our POV's and personas. All original, we have our own roles! This is a Minecraft AU based account.

I'm Cereal (TheNewSimply) and I'll sign each of my chapters or responses with 🧡
She/her pronouns!

I'm Void (MyNamesVoid) and I will sign each one of my chapters or responses with: 🥥
He/Him pronouns :)

Hello! I'm Liey (L1eyP0g_) and I'll sign my chapters or responses with 💙 :D
He/They pronouns!

allo, im acee, (CrazyArtsyAce) my sign is 🌹.. and you can give me whatever pronouns.

Wassup, I'm Sulph (SulphieChan) I sign my chapters and responses with💥 and use they/them pronouns

Hello hello, I'm Blue (DarkBlueJazz) my signature in chapters and responses is a 💎, I prefer to use She/her pronouns

supp, I'm Scufty, (Scuffed_Dodger) my signature is uh- I'll just say me name since I'm on a laptop, i use she/her pronouns
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