Let's get down to business, to defeat THE HUNS. Okay sorry. That wasn't  called for but I had to, anyways,

Welcome to my second account! For those of you who dont know, my main account is @ThePageOfficial and I have many books on that account, yet they all are unfinished.

Now my new book-The Calling-will be coming in March 2017. It's a very difficult book to write so every week there might be a update onto it. But ya never know-I could do three updates a week :D! Plus, this book was going to be huge for me since I want to publish it as paperback, but I don't know what the details are and I need further information about it. I do believe though I'm going to enter it into the Wattys2017.

Anyways, enough about my book. I just hope all of you have a great day. I sincerely thank you for visiting me today-and if you chose to follow me, then thank you so soo much. I really appreciate it!

🌸🌺And until next time-Goodbye!🌺🌸
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