Hey there, guys! My name is The_Black_Blooded and writing is the game! 

Some awesome and unusual facts about me:-

1 - I've been writing for six years!
2 - I'm seventeen!
3 - I'm studying Forensic Science!
4 - I want to become a Forensic Psychologist and an author. (It'll help with crime stories.)
5 - I want to write for YA 13+
6 - I'm an anime and manga fan!
7- I love Once Upon A Time! (I ship Captain Swan.)
8 - I love indie rock.
9 - In year 7, I wrote a story in my English book. The story was about ducks running the world.
10 - My favourite animals are wolves, dogs, cats, pandas, ducks and guinea pigs.
11 - I refuse to eat duck. (Ducks are friends not food!)
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