Hi there ,my nickname is Skylar Blue ,but you can call me almost whatever you want ,here are some things abt me :

-I'm a proud member of @The_Elis_Society
-My boyfriend is Sawyer (@DrowsingInParadise) and I love hom so much!!
-Most of the time Ara and me do competitions to see who is better at doing things (while Nebula watches it along with some cookies and her teddy bear)

No hate and harassment (along with racism,homophobic,etc...) will be tolerated here (This accs follows the same rules as the rest of my accs...)
Btw the names are on the acc I've put under this text:
@The_Elis_Society (My main)

Joint acc with Saige: @Day_Dreaming_Life

My friends:







@TheOnlyPterydactyl (and her other accs)






If you wanna talk with me ,pm me at @The_Elis_Society or write a message on any of my acc's mb (I accept messages at all my accs but I only accept pms at that acc ...btw don't be surprised if I reply your message from another acc,that's the reason of why I only accept pms in one ...cuz I can see every MB from every acc but I can only see pms through the acc itself...understood?

No spam here pls ,I only accept spam on @The_Elis_Society,only a certain people will be allowed to spam in the rest of my accs
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The_Sphere_Around_Us The_Sphere_Around_Us Oct 18, 2021 05:59PM
I have finally reached 100 followers so thank u everyone (Now Neb don’t dare to press the unfollow button nor any of you or I will come after whoever does that) 
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