Hey Everyone,
          	I just uploaded another chapter for Turning You On. I also uploaded Chapter 13 which was a chapter that was previously removed from wattpad for being to hot and steamy. So i changed it up a bit.  Be sure to go comment and vote for it. Also TYO is almost finished. There will probably be one or two chapters left.... I know...sad story.  Also I think Im going to be taking down a lot of my stories because honestly they suck and need a ton of editing. So if you are in the process of reading any of them be sure to hurry up. I think that's it. Thanks to all my new fans. I know I'm not on here as much as I have been in the past and I don't post as often as I used to but I appreciate the ones that continue to read.
          	Thanks to all of you..
          	Hope you have a great new year.


@Thischickisbomb Please dont take your stories off!! Your books are amazing and I would hate if I couldn't go back to re read them. You just need some new covers (which I would love to help with) and please just keep them up!! You should honestly look to get them published. Lay me down, Color of Love and Dangerously Safe are my top favorites but all your books are great.


@Thischickisbomb  i stared reading 'turning you on' just yesterday i have now finished it today and i want to keep reading its got me hooked! i read lay me down back a couple of months ago and i got hooked to that one aswell. please please add some more to it :)


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If your into reading about the deception of male and female relationships, check out my book about the two sides of the coin! It will show/teach you how to misinterpretation and manipulations occur . Evaluate what happen between the characters, because I’m sure you can relate to them. For simps/players/ a little hood/ you’ll find it all. Thanks!