"Aaaaaannd we're back!" - me, every single time.

Hey y'all!

I'm Tasya Jacob. I'm just a hopeful teenage girl, who's just looking for peace in this world. I'm currently 15 and I love reading, writing stories, listening to music, singing and dancing. I love artists who are quite underrated and unknown - such as Etham, Anson Seabra, LAUV, Little Mix (CONFETTI THO!) and James Arthur. But don't worry - I'm also a HUGE directioner - and Niall is too adorable.

I'm also an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, and I LOVE people of color. So, consider me the one who's always on about equality and stuff - because I am.

How are you guys? If things aren't going too well, then keep holding on! Don't worry - you're here because you have a purpose. Stay alive for it.

Fun fact: I'm basically THE Frank Zhang in the entire community of PJO fans - you can call them half-bloods. I enjoy reading the HP series, the TMI series (MALEC!!!!!), and a LOOOOTTT of Dan Brown books.

I'm an Aries. I would love to know your zodiac signs as well!

Hope you guys like the stories I write in here! Don't forget to vote and comment!

Oh, and another thing: show some love to my new best friend @javin2! He's one of the nicest people I've ever met - and a thing about him: HE HATES HOMOPHOBIC PEOPLE.

So if you're one, you'd might wanna stay back.

Show some love to many of my other friends like @blacktanbtsandbp, @mixer_swiftie_2005, @obsessedlimelight101, @acejavadd and @blxckh0les42!

A huge thank you to my followers and voters! I LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!

Hope y'all stay safe and healthy! See you in my next story - and if you ever want someone to talk, I'm always available!

Sending positivity hugs from Singapore,
Tasya ;)

P.S: Have I told you all that I love you?

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