★Twinkle twinkle little star... do you know how loved you are★


heyyyyzzz and hellozzz to all of u guys. of course I love reading and that's the reason I'm on wattpad....

K so I would like to tell a few things bout me so...here we go...:

★I love stars☆★☆★☆and I am 14!!
☆ I like books which make me laugh and cry and have a happy ending.
★ I like writing books but the only thing is I am lazy to complete them...... like I write half of it and I feel lazy to complete it....-.-
☆ other than reading I love doing creative stuff like drawing and other crafts.
★I love music but unfortunately my voice doesn't agree with me
☆ my favourite bands include one direction, maroon 5, 5 SOS, cold play and many more....I like taylor swift, ed sheeren, demi lovato, and shawn mendes obviously ♥.♥
★I am a hufflepuff♡
☆and yeah I forgot to tell u all that I love food I can eat nonstop......lolzz

My mantra in life: Eat how much ever you want.... if anyone complains about your weight eat them too!!:P


☆follow for follow☆

★I do not take reading requests★ sry 😕

Feel free to comment on my page and Also have a personal chat if u want to:)

P.S: I don't bite..

hard ;)


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