My name is Hel or Hela, I am the goddess of death and the underworld and daughter of Loki and Sigyn. My biological mother's name is Angbroda, though I don't know much about her as she left shortly after I was born. I have many siblings. Fenrir, the wolf who tends to love chasing me at the worst of times. Jormungandr, the world serpent that I enjoyed swimming with as a child, though I could never beat him in a race. Sleipnir, the eight legged horse that I would ask to let me ride all over the palace even when he was tired (He always did). Nari, who enjoyed getting into just as much trouble as I did. And Vali, who always caught us before we went too far and probably saved our hides more than a few times. 

I currently live in the Underworld with Luk. Life (or really Death) here is not quite so terrible now. Luk and I have been going through quite a lot. The death of our child resulted in a terrible depression from him and I both, but we are recovering. He's decided to share this account with me, so if you'd like to speak with him please, do so. I warn you though. He can be rather... Violent in the best of times. The only person he seems to be afraid of is Father.

And now, his own... About Me, written in third person by his own request.

"I suppose I'm supposed to tell you a little about myself," said the black clad male. He crossed his arms and chuckled. "Afraid there isn't much to tell. My name is Luk, I am the King of the Underworld. Cross me, and I'll make life after death a literal living Hell for you. Irritate me, and I'll leave you coughing in a puddle of blood. Understood? Yes? Good." He smirked and leaned back. "Now, leave me, won't you?" Luk brought a glass of wine to his lips, his other hand on his wife's waist.
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To whom it may concern, This post has been a long time coming. By "a long time coming", I mean multiple years. I have, unfortunately, lost all inspiration to write "Death's Princess". For a short ti...
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