Super superb story  check it out guys


Sorry for posting without your permission.
          Please try my novel "LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO" 
          What happens when an indian girl falls with an American boy? Its a flirty, romantic, emotional roller coaster ride. I swear you will smile, blush, laugh, cry and get addicted to the characters.
          Don't blame me if you lose your nails in anticipation. It has so many twists and turns that it will you astonished. I promise you will not regret wasting your time on this lovely late of romance
          Novel link:


Wattpad has become so boring these days, it's not as active as before there's hardly any daily updates anymore such a drag....guys if you know any great stories that update daily or even every other day please recommend.


@UnpredictableMCM try Hollywood theme stories. I can guarantee it's won't be boring.


@UnpredictableMCM you can read stories by @FlorK2D and @NiranjanaNepol if you haven't 


Hello, I'm a new writer. and I'm writing my first book. I would really appreciate if you give it a try and please give a feedback 
          Also do not forget to vote and follow me for more updates if you think It's really worthy. ❤️
          You can also comment if you found something interesting tot cheer me up, or if something according to isn't required then also you can cooment and share your suggestions.
          Thank you please do check it out. It's gonna be more interesting in the upcoming parts. ✨️ I hope you'll like it. ✨️


Gosh I'm seriously thinking about deleting wattpad, it's not as fun or enjoyable as before too much negativity and bitterness going on these days here in wattpad and while I like to read,like and comment on great stories, I don't like the level of disrespect here, we are all human beings with feelings therefore if you don't like or agree with whatever someone else comment just ignore it and move on if you know that you're reply/ response can or will hurt a total stranger feelings because at the end of the day you don't really know who you're disrespecting in wattpad over a simple comment on a story and what can/will be the results of your actions or harsh words towards someone......BE CAREFUL GUYS AND WHILE SOME STORIES CAN GET US EMOTIONAL IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE REMEMBER THAT THE PEOPLE WRITING AND READING THEM ARE REAL WHILE THE CHARACTERS IN THE STORIES ARE NOT, SO DON'T GO AROUND HURTING PEOPLE  FEELINGS OVER SOMETHING WHICH IS NOT REAL AND IS ONLY MADE UP BY HARD WORKING CREATIVE AUTHORS....try to enjoy reading without disrespecting others.


My apologies for sliding into your Conversations board uninvited. I just wanted to grab your attention to my stories.
          There is an arranged marriage romance "Billion Dollar Wedding", a High School romance "My Enemy, My Stalker", a young adult College Romance "Unravelling Aurora", and some mafia romances "Mafia and Miss Honey", "His Captive".
          Once again, I'm sorry for intruding.  
           Have a nice day ahead!