Hello fellow wattpadians (idek if that's a word)My name is rose and I'm a 17.5-year old that has a huge obsession with fanfictions- literally only bl fanfics- check out my reading list if you want, I tried to sort out my entire library so still doing that(my dumbass reading all day and night). I'm currently in college taking a computer technology course in the USA, I just got done with high school last year so........yay? 

I want to start a book soon as something to do in my free time as I live in dorms and have no social life....at all. I do know that back in 2019 or earlier in 2020 I attempted to start a book but I just dropped it because I wasn't motivated and no longer liked the storyline so... yay fun for me! So if I ever do start a book It will just be a side jig, not a full-time thing that ill do.

But other than that........

Rose out*insert super cringy mic. drop*

Do you get it?- the location I mean-
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