LESS THAN A MONTH 'till the preorder for STAY ALIVE ends! Have you secured your copies, unveilers? 
          	The book comes with a colored flyleaf, digital sign from the author, bookmark, photocards of Traise, Courtney, Avery, Tyler, Newt, Neska, Aubrielle, Heinz, Andrius and Casper and WITH A SPECIAL CHAPTER! 
          	Available rin sa Shopee, syempre! 
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@Veilofthedark complete ver. na po ba yung book kuya?



hi! i’m sorry for the shameless plug! i just want to introduce my story...
          if u like:
          - young love, college romance
          - a blast from the past
          - band
          - second chances
          - slight angst, slice of life and funny
          - college setting, humss major x stem major
          - former high school classmates
          - high school sweethearts to stangers 
           i hope y’all take interest in my story. thank you for your time! <3



Hi! I apologize for the sudden plugging. If you're looking for a story about ghosting and reconciliation with a bit of mature content, I hope you will consider reading my story.
          "They said love is sweeter the second time around, but does it apply sa mga hindi naman nagbreak pero parang nabaon na sa limot ang relationship? Yung parang iniwan sa ere ganon. Ghinost kahit hindi halloween.
          Euri Faye Ignacio - a loving girl na iniwan sa ere ng ldr first boyfriend nya. 
          Khali Reeze Tan - the guy na hindi pa patay pero nangghost sa 3 years girlfriend nya.
          When Euri's family decided to go back to live again in the Philippines, she knows na she will cross path again with Khali. But is she ready to face the man who left her hanging kahit hindi sya sampayan? Would life give them the chance to rekindle their forgotten on purpose memories?"
          Xoxo, Lilyxrei.