Hey! How's everything going?? I hope you and you family are okay. Its been long since you updated and i just wanted to check on you :) its been long. It doesn't matter if you updated the story or not now. Just please tell me how you are doing.
          Lots of love
          Your fan <3


Regarding your novel, I recently discovered it on Wattpad. I see that it is performing well on this platform, however in my opinion, the book deserves a better cover shot. If you're interested, I'd be happy to do one for you for free. Please get in touch with me.


I just followed you and I hope you write more stories! 
          Kitty is amazing! The story has so many different emotions and topics in it and not a lot of smut, well no real smut but enough stated for the mind to use it’s imagination. Kinda like a one piece bathing suit vs a bikini, enough showing but not too much and I’m liking that because some boos are just raunchy 
          Anyhow, keep up the great writing and hope to see you write more books!