Hey all! Been on a short break- honestly, I was planning to quit writing but I decided to log on and check my notifications and was blown away by all the support. Thank you everyone & apologies for not being able to reply to all the sweet comments/questions.
          	Hopefully you'll see me start to update my stories again within the next week!


do yall think the author passed away or something?cause none of the books has been updated since 2018, nd i love how wrong place started so i would like that updated. but its strange right the books are very popiplar yet no update


@kaylap78910 also if anyone one is able to yall think you can finish wrong place  as a fan fic of wrong place but leave the first three chapters and try to build on it?
            like its gonna be 6 years no update i doubt yall can be sued for making a fanfic. if you do tag me ill read it. 


Just finished reading “It Started with a Scent” and read it again right after… what a breath if fresh air. I love a good werewolf story, and finding a story without abusive alphas and victimized she wolves is great! Your writing flows so well, the development if the story from the heroine’s pov , her dilemmas and conflicts are reflected so well. Also very steamy without being overly explicit. What can I say, I am very much looking forward to reading your other works. Write on!


          I just re-read Artifical Insemination. It was as amazing as I remember it being!!!!
           Your writing is excellent and I love how you are able to write the character interactions in such an intimate and raw way - it makes their fantastical relationship seems so much more  realistic. Also, you show the werewolf characters in such a  refreshing way - reading your books I can imagine a world where werewolves would actually exist. I am really looking forward to reading your new updates and new chapters. I saw one of your messages where you said that you were considering quitting writing - I implore you not to quit. Your books are such a treat - I love re-reading them after finishing an exam or a paper. 
          Lastly, I hope you're well and happy. Thank you for writing such great books:))))


First and foremost,  I Hope you are doing well! 
          Wanted to let you know I love your books so so so much!! I so desperately wish Wrong Place was a complete story, I was sucked in pithing the first chapter!
          If ever you are inspired to write anything here again,  just know you've got people rooting for you!!