Normal People: Think it's a blue sheep
Dream SMP Fans: Know it's Friend
Normal People: Think it's a crow
Dream SMP Fans: Know it's Philza
Normal people: See Cat and Mellohi
Dream SMP Fans: Know it's Tommy's music discs
normal people: See TNT
Dream SMP Fans: Know it was never meant to be
normal people: See a man in a lime green hoodie
Dream SMP Fans: See a homeless Teletubby
Normal people: Hear Heatwaves
Dream SMP Fans: Think DNF
normal people: See a zombie piglin
Dream SMP Fans: See Micheal
normal people: See this and think we're crazy
Dream SMP Fans: Are copy-and-pasting this to their bios

Hi! I'm WolfWithPaws, but you can call me Paws.

Pronouns: She/Her

Platonic Husband: @w1erd0l0v33333
Best Friends: @Amylondenfog @Kinkajou133
Parent: @Chaos-In_aBlaNk3t
Siblings: @IonieFeather, @Nightmare_Moon-claw, @Silenced-Pain, and
Children: @yourcommiepilot, @cupcakebr0
Niece: @-_idk_anymore_-
Family: @ChaoticFamily
The family that I'm going to hell with:

I'm a violent-shipping furry with anger issues. Fandoms: Lifesteal SMP, Dream SMP, The Land of Stories, Steven Universe, Riddle School, WOF, Warriors, THSC, MHA, FNaF, Cuphead, and TAWOG. I'm ok with swearing.

Now Playing: cracker!
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I am a firm believer in Sootism and Church Prime.

My favorite quotes:
Skill Issue. -Kwite
Sorry, I was writing fanfiction. -CaptainPuffy
Hmm, interesting plan. I know, how about this plan; I'll do what I want, and you don't tell me what to do! -Blanket Heeler
It is about the principal. The Principal of War. -Grian
Is it me... Or the Egg? -Skeppy
Hey. I'm currently going through the 5 stages of grief, so please be mindful. On that note, WHERE THE FUCK IS MY CHILD?! -Tubbo
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Dream SMP Incorrect Quotes
Yep, this again. Also, the part when A6d said a big no-no word? Yeah, we're forgetting it.
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MCYT Oneshots by WolfWithPaws
MCYT Oneshots
Just some MCYT Oneshots! Feel free to request, though I might not if I don't like the ship. Please read the r...
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The Milk Cult by WolfWithPaws
The Milk Cult
If you know, you know. If you don't, ignore this.
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