Hey! I don’t know if you’re aware but I was reading this book called Killer Queen x Jughead Jones and the first few chapters have literally the same story as yours. Some of the dialogues are also literally word to word. You might want to take a look at that! 


I know you're probably busy, but please answer. Are you coming back to publish more chapters of the Jughead Jones fanfiction. If you are please, please, please come back. I wanna know what happens next. Is Jug gonna break Cleo's heart? Are we gonna get more info on Her mom or more info about her life I have so many questions. Please come I love this book so much, it's amazing. I really wanna see Cleo's reaction after he sacrifices himself to the ghoulies. I'm sorry this is too much, but please come back I miss this story


I’m so glad I checked here cause I normally go through my library and see what hasn’t been updated in at least a year and I archive it. Because I really did want to finish the serpent story 


Oh this made my day, just found the book and had my fingers crossed for news on it being updated ‍


When you gonna post more of the serpent story 


IT IS JUST SO DANG GOOD  i have just binged it for days now and can’t get enough 


Sorry busy life, I am trying to find myself again and get back into writing. Not that my life has calmed I feel like I can spend more time on it. Don’t worry I do have a plan for it!