Hi there this is so weird my name is Chelsea I love doctor who and I have a character in my book A Violet Angel called Violet this is like the coolest thing ever but so random !!!


I really loved your fantastic Doctor Who fanfic.  I actually meant to come on this site to read a story from a friend, but I happened to stumble upon this beauty, and I stayed up until I finished the entire thing!  I loved it, and just wanted to tell you how much I loved your adorable and amazing story.  You're so good at writing, and I hope you keep doing what you do well!


Do on your (AMAZING) doctor who fanfic I think you are posting a Sequeal when it's all done am I correct? Please please tell me so I can keep reading your fanfic again and again I just got to say your awesome.  - one of your 1.k followers 


Omg I love you so much!! I loved your doctor who fanfic! it was the best thing I ever read and I even skipped school one day just to finish it! you are so amazing! keep up the good work!