Hi, my name is Quin, I love the colour red, I'm a Capricorn, my fashion sense is cute, stylish and trendy, my stories that I have started to write can and may be sensitive towards some people to please be mindful of that. I am fairly nice to people unless you know me in person then that might slightly change lol. I write stories to give people the chance to see my style and it will also help me understand what I can do to make my writing better as I'm quite new to this. My favourite animals are either huskies or ferrets because they are just the cutest. I understand that some people may not like my stories and I respect that but I don't want to be hated on. I am a little anti-social due to my anxiety but I like playing basketball and football. I enjoy listening  and playing music on my keyboard. My occupation is a waitress. I used to do boxing but I'm thinking of going back into it. I personally hope that you guys like me as an individual and we can become friends. That's practically it about me. 
Thanks so much to everyone!
Love you all~ xxx
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