KHR: Mistake and KHR: Revenge will be updated later due to shortage of ideas. I'm also having the same problem with KHR: Into Another Dimension but I'll try my best. Thank you for the continuous support, I very much appreciate it.


@Yasune_Hideaki008 Ok... I can't wait to read your stories


Hello, you haven't updated in a long time?, are you alright, if so, please give us a sign, like a update saying you are taking a break, or you are on Hiatus or something. 
          Also, just got finish reading all your stories, and they were awesome, but I have a question, do update on this site, or do update on Ao3,  fanfiction, etc. 
          As for anyone else who is reading this, do anyone know the Author in real life, if possible, can you confirm that they are alive?, considering what's happening this year.