I also have a discord if you all would like to join let me know. I'll post the link on a later post or chapter of a story.  Keep a heads up on that


@YonaDawn2020 when are u going to update the o e true queen?


Hey everyone! 
          Just wanted to say I'm not dead! Just busy with writing chapters and editing that I had ignored many of you guys questions and dms. 
          With that said, I will answer the most frequently asked questions!
          1. Are you still updating...?
          YES. I am still updating all my stories, except the My Hero Academia stories. Those are on hold, as I haven't had any ideas come to me for those stories.
          2. Are you still taking requests?
          Yes and no. Yes if they give me inspo for a specific story. No, if they are a completely different story entirely. Some of you have given me GREAT story ideas/requests, but I would like to finish some of my stories before making new ones.
          I am still talking any ideas you think would be good for a specific story. I WILL give that person a dedication to show who help or gave the idea. 


@YonaDawn2020 it's fine hun take your time writing


Hi! Are you gonna continue with ”their story, Their contract, Their future” ?


@11themoonandthesun11 yes, I currently have a few chapters for this and other stories waiting to be posted. I wanted to make sure it goes well with the flow of the story while giving you all the chapters you deserve while waiting for more chapters.