Hey Guys! Mayor's Addiction is up once again. All the parts will be published, including the ones that were never published before (The sequels and prequels). 


@_Gypsy_Girl_ what’s happening with Sharing Beatrice



Hey I was reading ur book on the alpha novel app and they just took it off this morning and I paid for 20 extra chapters last night and it was taken off today. Can you please tell me where I can read the whole book please I love this book I was up until 4:30 am reading and went to read it just now and it's gone



Is sharing beatrice a luna to her stepbrothers  story going to be updated on here or just a sample story. I don't mind buying chapters, but if a story has too many chapters, it gets too expensive and I have to stop.  Can I buy the full story on Kindle/amazon?


For the story Sharing Beatrice will you put it on here it’s costing to much to read on Storyroom I’ve used over 40 to 50 dollars to read and I’m on chapter 169 because each chapter is 180 coins which is ridiculous like I understand you want to make some money for it but that’s a bit much don’t you think. Just think about it please thank you..


@MDawnCarver Same thoughts. I would love to purchase the book as a whole. Is there any way you can take it out of the novel apps and publish it on amazon or your website?