First message thing whatever this is so kinda nervous. Anyways I’ve been sitting in the corner of my room wondering how I have 29 followers. So if you don’t mind me asking why do you follow me??


@AyxkaKamisatx thank you I feel honored 


What is omni mean? Are you omnivores? 


Omni is a sexuality it’s like pansexual but there’s a preference for gender. Pan people are attracted to all people and gender doesn’t matter. Omni people are also attracted to all people but gender plays a role in who they date. I hope that can help (:


          I’m new to writing on wattpad and was wondering if you’d be interested in reading my book and possibly giving some feedback or giving votes if you enjoy it! If you have time and are interested I would appreciate it so much!
          I hope you and your family are safe during these times 
          Thank you so much !
          - Az <3