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Fandoms: Kpop, Goosebumps, ASOUE, Creepypasta, Harry Potter, Tusk, slashers, Disney, etc
Relationship status: Single
Pronouns: She/They
Age: 16...I'm a minor bro
I have ADD and tics, so if I see anyone being ableist you will be blocked and reported. (Also if you're homophobic, racist, transphobic, sexist, xenophobic, etc.)

Future Stories:

It Kind Of Runs In The Family (A 'Tusk' FanFic)

YANDERE! Enoch O'Connor x reader (MPHFPC fanfic. Based on the books)

YANDERE! Santa Claus x reader

YANDERE! Alan Keane x GUMBALL'S SISTER! reader ("The Amazing World of Gumball" fan fiction)

YANDERE! Dr. Cockroach Ph.D. x reader

A Different Kind of Magic (YANDERE! Hermione x FEM! reader) *REQUESTED*

YANDERE! Tori Vega x FEM! reader

YANDERE! Beck Oliver x FEMALE! reader

YANDERE! Mansters x FEMALE! reader

YANDERE! Popular Ghouls x FEMALE! reader

YANDERE! Non-main Ghouls x FEMALE! reader

Feel free to request any story if you want!!
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_Kim_Haru_ _Kim_Haru_ Aug 02, 2022 02:16PM
What if I made a scenario book for my original characters? Like characters that I created and added into my fanfics. Such as Mason from my Lock, Shock, and Barrel story. Or Macy from my Slappy and Ch...
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Puppy Love~ (Sal x MAGICAL BEING! reader) *COMPLETED* by _Kim_Haru_
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Y/N L/N is a child residing in the Marsyas Orphanage, run by Arthur Parnassus. She is 14 years old, just like...
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