Heya, my name's Mitsuo Akuma and I recently transferred into Ouran Academy.

It's a great place, but me being the antisocial self I am, had never had an interest to make friends...

But, you see... There are two twins who practically look the same and... Another kid in my class, who has big, brown eyes that caught my attention.

They dragged me to this 'Music Room 3' and I was shocked by what I saw there.

Soon, before I knew it, I was accepted as a member of the famous Host Club, and was dubbed the 'Cold, mysterious type.' My rose color was black.

At first, I thought I was never gonna get into the hang of flirting with random girls and it got on my nerves a lot when I was forced to, but it all changed when I met a certain person... Who reminded me of... Someone I... Lost... Whom I used to love a lot in my past...

I eventually changed and became real, best friends with the club members and learned how to make not just girls, but everyone happy... All thanks... To Emiko Fujimoto ❤️
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