*checks the zipper of my pants*
          Ahem ahem! 
          Ahoy mates! Aye, like everyone I am here to promote a community too- Aye wait, me hearties! Don't leave just yet. We have something new...
          Yes! Brand new.
          Ever heard of a mashup? Mixim, maxim and stuff? Ye know, mixing one or more stuff?
          Oh yeah! That's who we are. A base of Greek mythology showered with some spices of game of thrones along with the special pirate syrup on top. Aye! Hella creative aren't we?
          Shiver me timbers!
          Come on, matey! Join in and explore more of our creativity.
          Woops! We ain't showin' our creativity just yet. So get on-board! Get selected for our main server as either just a member or a working member. 
          Don't worry just join us in the link below, mates!


> ❝ to appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, 
          it's necessary to stand out in the cold. ❞ ‧₊˚༄ؘ
          > ꒦꒷ ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶ ꒷꒦
          providing a protection barrier against the cold winds. but, the snow doesn't fall in the midst of the other three seasons. of all four seasons, winter is the coldest both in its beauty and presence. 
          > ───── IF YOU’RE NOT A CRYSTAL MEMBER, ✽
          an official SnowFall Community member, then why don’t you join our community? come on in and have an interview with our interviewers, we’d be happy to have you!
          > ───── TO ADD WITH THIS QUOTE, ✽
          and how it relates to a snowflake, the community is called the SnowFall Community as it gives you the remarkable opportunities that you don’t wanna miss out on! If you wish to meet us. 
          > ꒦꒷ ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶ ꒷꒦
          > 「 APPLICANTS — CHOICES 」
          ┊ admin ❟ account rater ❟ manager ❟ 
          ┊ bio designer ❟ editor ❟ graphic designer ❟ 
          ┊ host ❟ interviewer ❟ judge ❟ promoter ❟ 
          ┊ reviewer ❟ theme designer ❟ writer ❟ personal assistant ❟ carrd designer ❟ playlist designer ❟ idea creator ❟ event planner ❟ dc expert ❟ counsellor ❟ social media handlers ❟ snow member ❄️ 
          ╰ ───────────── OF ROLES .ᐟ
          > ୨୧ CHECK US OUT HERE ::


☆" If I be a star , would you be my moon? " ○
          --<•《》" no...I want to be the  whole universe to you" 
          ▪︎> The universe is made of magic we ever wondered about. It's full of surprises ☆ not until we know it. 
          ◇》TO KNOW!? you must  look through it!!! ■
          {[ Why stay off then? Stand out and shine like you never did before, in your own universe ¡
          Shimmers and shines all over the world. You're being invited to join the ASTRIA GALAXY!! °--× Where the magic of the galaxy never ends. 
          The main existing roles : 
          Theme Designer 
          Bio designer 
          Graphic designer 
          -->• 《》 " I don't want to be beside you. I want you to live in me . Inside me, where I can always see your precious smile"




✗ ▬ Hello, dear! 
          『Are you looking for a community to showcase your skills but also find a cozy place? Are you looking for a community and haven't found one that matches your vibe? Then, our community might be the one.』
          ┊╮Give it a shoot and maybe it will turn out to be a short gun shot in the dark and you will end up with a community with your taste. › ⌗ ▹
          ➻Here's the link, dive in, what are your waiting for? ➫


➜﹕Tired of being good and kind all the time? Tired of strict behaviours? Tired of not getting recognised enough? Well you are at the right place!﹢cd
          ▦ ﹒black_heartEnter the Underworld Community where wonders happen! Become a God/Godess and Enjoy a strictness free and enjoyable environment! ﹒ ★ ﹒
          ᶻ♡﹒Enter The Underworld and get recognized, We can assure you that you won't regret it﹒ᶻz