hey!! please go follow @idcwhatthecatsaid 
          	she's trying to reach 165!! tysmm<33


heyo so i wanna say sorry
          for like, abandoning this acc, and then coming back, deleting stuff.
          and that wasn't vv nice and i feel bad about it,, so apologies about that
          with that said, i'mma post on my alt, which will now be my main  [i've got to move my artbook to that acc and then i'll delete this one]
          @koisumii <--------
          hope y'all are okay with that, 
          and hopefully see you on my *now* main!!! take care, I LOVE Y'ALL SM


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@Saint_Aki lmao the brains of kids these days... What a nonsense this post is xD


He would thanks for the follow