I have an offer for you please contact me on


Hello!  I have created a new type of poem called a "thoolpine" that follows a structure of ascending and descending rhyming couplets.  Check it out on my page in The Thoolpine Spindle if you are interested!


Hey...can you please follow me I would be delighted


Book 1 was awesome
          Book 2 plss


Just wanted to let you now that your book is amazing and an absolute pleasure:)


Why are there so many people asking you to read their stories? Seems weird. I’m here to say that Potent has been an absolute joy to read! I cannot wait to see what happens next! I’ll be here if/when that book 2 drops, or if it gets put up for physical sale!


If you wouldn’t mind, I’m a new writer and I’m looking for some feedback on my story. I would greatly appreciate if you would check it out. With your skill I feel I could improve.