тнє яє∂ нαιяє∂ мαℓє ѕ¢σffє∂ αи∂ ℓσσкє∂ αωαу. "∂σи'т мєѕѕ ωιтн α яє∂ нєα∂ тнαт'ѕ αи αяιєѕ" нє ѕαι∂ ιи α ѕℓιgнтℓу мιмι¢кιиg тσиє σf νσι¢є, нє ℓσσкє∂ ∂σωи αт нιѕ σяαиgє αℓℓ ѕтαя ¢σиνєяѕєѕ αи∂ тнєи кι¢кє∂ α яσ¢к тнαт ωαѕ иєαя нιѕ fσσт. 


Giving off a sigh of tiredness, even if it sounded more along the lines of an exasperated groan, the Scottish woman cleared her throat regardless as she folded her arms over her chest. "Erm.. tapadh leat fer followin', Allen," she muttered before playing with a fringe of her fiery red locks, avoiding eye contact with the American. 
          (Sorry. Rowena is a bit of an arsehat at times, but it mainly is her being timid and irritable. Regardless, thank you for following..!)


"Yo, Allen!" The American grinned. "Thanks for the follow, dude!"


            He only shrugged, the grin still on his lips. "Yeah- sure! Just call whenever ya' need!"


@AmxricanHxro Looking at his bright eyed, bushy tailed counterpart, Allen couldn't help but muster a crooked smile. "Sure thing, Porkchop. Consider it a favor; you owe me one."