y'all, I'm about to cry about Bts, it's really hard to feel these feelings when you be Army...


@angeledrude I was a bit sad too...But then again, they need to live their lives a little too, I hope they find/have already found someone special. Let's support them in every way possible (includes when they announce themselves dating or marrying).


@charlyyyjrdn123  See we are fans and which group will directly  say that are not going to do much together now. But I have a feeling because of jin military service and also v mentioned he wanna resume  pursuing  actor career and many members like suga who produces many bts songs, RM leader of the  group they all are approaching  their 30s so it very normal that after putting their whole teenage life and youth its time to focus on personal life as well. If thry wanted to take a break they would have  taken for 7 or 8 months like normal but them addressing  this haitus  emotionally and rm saying when will they return again proves that they are actually thinking  about 2 to 3 years or may be 4 years  and  we dont know after this time they will become like sm old groups who are together but have stopped  working as group. So I think this is the end of amazing  journey as group and new journey as solo. I hope they find someone special  in their life.


@charlyyyjrdn123 yeh I also agree with the military thing 


Assalamu'alaikum kak
          Sya mau numpang izin promosi cerita 
          Semoga syukaa,, ceritanya bikin ngakak berair mata
          Febiola Anastasya~
          Setiap manusia pasti pernah merasakan yang namanya cinta.
          Tapi apa sih itu CINTA?
          Apa CINTA itu sesuatu yang menyenangkan?
          Atau sesuatu yang memberikan kenyamanan?
          Akankah CINTA menjanjikan akhir yang bahagia?
          Febi tau, CINTA itu selalu memberikannya ketenangan dan kenyamanan. Tapi ia lebih tau kalau yang namanya CINTA pasti akan rela berkorban. Berkorban bukan untuk dirinya, melainkan untuk orang yang dia sayang.
          Setelah dikhianati, dikecewakan, bahkan ia juga harus merelakan. Febi harus bahagia dengan caranya sendiri.
          Namun Febi benci karena telah jatuh CINTA.
          Belum tentu, apa yang udah kita genggam, akan selamanya menjadi milik kita sepenuhnya. Dia akan terbang tinggi sesuai dengan keinginannya~Aryo Dirgantara.
          Ig @eka_sstr02


Hey (whoever's reading this), if you've read THE ARROGANT PROFESSOR by rainygirl_11, can you please suggest me some books like that one? I actually haven't read it and was going to but she deleted it. Please I'd really appreciate your help. <3 
          P.S. - The book should be mature (if yk what I mean). :-P