So I want to write my first book but I’m having trouble starting it I was never good In English class.


Do you have Twitter discord and neobook 


@goldentrio90 because I don't talk with nobody on here 



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          DARK Story list;
          RH; #OneOfAKind- Complete #OneOfAKind2- Complete #OneOfAKind3- Complete. Series finished.
          Same story as above, but FanFic, and a little different, currently under edit. 
          RH; #OneOfAKind- BTS- On Going- On hold. #OneOfAKind2- BTS- Coming soon #OneOfAKind3- BTS- Coming soon
          RH; #MyAlphaKing- Complete  #MyWitchKing2- Complete #MyDragonKing3- Complete. Series finished.
           #MyDirtySinner- On going- Currently updating and editing.
          RH; #PersuadedToSyn- On going- on hold for now.
          NOT DARK story list;
          LGBT/RH; #The Fire's Within- Teaser Chapter's Available - Coming soon.
           #MaidenSelection- Complete  #MaidenSelection2- On going- on hold.
          LGBT/RH; #The Diamond Queen} Seven Realms Series- Teaser 
           #Another 3 books in the works - Coming soon.


Your welcome I look forward to reading it