I love reading and writing.

But I am not confident that I can do a decent job with the second, sorry. But I try.
If you like my writing or don't like it, please, comment to let me know.

Also to clarify, my huge reading lists don't mean I am sloppy with them but that I get interested in a lot of books and don't want to lose sight of them before I can get a taste.

About my personal interests, besides work, I spend my time with books, manga, anime, k-dramas, j-dramas, music and cooking. So if you ever want to talk about any of these topics, or anything else, please write me a comment or pm and I will be happy to reply.

Now, some projects worth taking a look at:

@Project_Good_Boys - For those that are tired of the bad boy culture in which being mistreated is the same as being loved and want to read or write about people being nice, correct and kind to other people, especially their loved ones.

@FreeTheLGBT - For those that think that love, no matter the form or manifestation, is always better than hate. And that people should have the freedom to be who they are.

@talkthepoc - People all around the world are born with an incredibly vast range of beautiful skin tones, so why not represent that in our work? If you want to read a book like this or is writing one, go take a look.

@FreeYourBody - Not everyone has a perfect body but, is it something really that important? For you, that think that being different is not the same as being wrong.

@ProjectGiggle - Doesn't everyone say that laughter it the best medicine?

It is a pleasure to meet you, and I would be happy to see you again.

With a big hug, I give my farewell. : )
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It seems wattpad created a new system of ratings based on the tags in the books and somehow "Apple Pies and Stethoscopes" is number 1 in #freethelgbt right now. That is...wow! Thanks to everyone that...
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