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"A piece of paper doesn't decide your future" is what sanyukta always heard.
          But what if a piece of paper led her to live with her to be husband, her fiance, Randhir Singh Shekhawat.
          They decide to live-in like 'just friends' but ends up falling for each other.
          Will their love last as they keep exploring about each other's lives? Or they will regret this live-in??
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Hello sorry to peep in here i have just release my new book called His Only Treasure... If you have time please fo check it out..
          Blurb : Arjun Dhwani top business man... arrogant ruthlessness is his only character at least that's what the world thinks .. business deals are all his life until a misunderstanding happens .... Marriage was not in his dictionary but he is ready to get married for one reason and that is to take revenge... for his sister... 
          Ananya  and Arjun are now entangled in a loveless marriage.. Him who loves another girl and his predictions are all wrong this time but sometimes our mistakes can make our life beautiful if we repent and make ourselves better... what if he comes to know the truth about who she is?? Did Ananya save Her best friend's life or did she lie?
          What will happen if all the truth spills out? Will Ananya give another chance to Arjun? Find out
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