I just started the book that will combine into ‘Tainted Innocence’s sequel, and it’s called ‘The Wanderer.’ 
          	Here is the description:
          	When Calista’s pack was slaughtered, she had nowhere to go. So, she wandered. Hoping to find safety and refuge, she continued on, trekking up and down the slopes of the mountain her pack resided in. 
          	Ignoring the tragedy that had just occurred, she lived a life that was full of avoiding her problems and distracting herself with the simple joys she could find. 
          	She hadn’t ran into a single rogue since being left on her own, and she was glad. Having heard stories in her pack of the disgusting, blood lusting rogues, you can’t blame her. 
          	Never finding a place to call home, she kept wandering. However, instead of finding stability in a normal life, she found the beauty in the nomadic qualities of her newfound reality. 
          	Her peaceful life of solace was soon put to an end when she ran into the first rogue she’s ever encountered; the Rogue Lycan.
          	Nikolai had a menacing reputation. Being known as the shifter that was more dangerous than any werewolf, he quickly made a name for himself amongst the rogues. They needed a leader and he was born to lead. 
          	His unforgiving nature made him all the more terrifying. He was more beast than man, losing himself to his instincts far too often. 
          	When the girl in denial meets the heartless monster, her world comes crashing down around her. 
          	Does she make it out of the rubble that is her utterly destroyed life, or does she stay buried underneath, gasping for air?
          	Or, will the notorious Rogue Lycan help her survive the aftermath?
          	I hope you decide to read it, I’m excited to write it! I’m hoping to make it 50,000 words long, but who knows if I will make it. 


@apwwrites can't wait!!


@apwwrites yussss




Hi I was wondering if you are gonna updated inspiring my mate not to be a disturbance and also love your books!


Hey new follower just wanna let you know you're books are amazing 


Hey I just finished reading Tender Love and it was amazing! I absolutely loved it. Thanks for writing such an interesting book.


          Please update inspiring my mate,  I love, love, love, love the parts I have already read


ur last update was 2020 its been two years i dont liek it if authors leave reeaders hanging


Are you going to update inspiring my mate


Are you going to update inspiring my mate I like the story and like to see how it ends I really like the story and would like to see how it ends


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