I'm going to do a few "Writing fanfiction of [whatever] while knowing almost nothing about it" stories for fun. What fandoms would you like to see? 
          	I know very little about the MCU and Star Wars so these could be fun. Same with DC. Any superheroes tbh. And Lucifer. And Riverdale.
          	Let me know what sort of thing you'd like to see, it has the potential to be very funny. I did one of Morbius before I watched Morbius (I don't recommend watching Morbius) but Morbius is irrelevant in September 2022. I'd love to do more though.


stranger things?


Hi! Apologies for sliding into your profile. But, kindly check out my story when time permits.
          "invisible string" is about a reader girl who meets her"book boyfriend" in real life and the consequences she faces when both of their worlds collide. 
          Thank you and have a great day!


A love story between a ruthless criminal from Italy and an innocent, high school girl from another country. If you want to know how they met and how their love story began, you have to read this story ❤️
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