Hi! So I just updated the last 3 chapters!
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          	I see some of my readers have trouble acessing Chapter 50, and I already republish it. Let me know if you still can't open it by DM/ commenting this post and I'll try to fix it again.
          	So yeah, I finished my final version of "Shattered"! I hope you guys enjoy the book and you could always show some love by voting it hehe
          	I am quite busy in the mean time so I'm not planning to create another book soon, but it depends...on my mood and my readers demans. I'm wondering what kind of story would be next?
          	I appreciate y'all, especially my most loyal and patient readers since 2018, and to my new readers as well. Thanks for the support and all the love towards the book.
          	Oh and there's an epilogue coming right up! I hope you guys stay with "Shattered" until the end. 
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Hi. Sorry but I can't see any chaps after chapter 48.


@behindthosesparks I still remember the last chapter you posted in the older version and still am waiting the moment you upload the following chapter to that one hopefully if you're able to  


@behindthosesparks how does it end so fast! The secrets are yet to open. Jk needs to know the truth! Plz make a sequel 


Hello author-nim! How have you been? I hope you're doing fine. I came to whines again I’m sorry. So I've cmt on ur post b4- that as much as I hate the male character, I still want them to heal and have a happy ending together..I know the traumatizing that our female character have were unforgivable but I still believe in them u know the timing was not right at all when the male cha- tried to express his feelings toward her… n to this day ur S2 of the fic still stays in my head rent freethat's y whenever I come to this orange  with a giant W app in hoping that u will/decide to do the it again ( I just wanna see them happy okay, I’m sorry). Oh besides what I'm still into and curious about the most is our second male cha- and the mom, I wanna know the story from their side more, n why did they left him (I know maybe for his safety protection) but why at that moment when he(jk) stared to remember them?? I know it’s been years already and I also know for a fact that u already did decide for this fic to end this way BUT(I know there are a lot of ‘but’ ) I still have this tiny bitty little hope that u gonna do s2 again one day Thanks for ur amazing work and I’m sorry that I’m a whine again over this, but just wanted to tell you that I Love You author-nim pls stay safe and healthy  
          (Sorry my English. suck @.@)


Hello!!! How are you? Hope you are doing well! Could you please check out my book ? Hope you will love it. Feel free to tell your opinion and also give suggestions. I would be glad if you do so. Please consider giving it votes if you enjoy it. Also comment down your thoughts!! Also share it to your friends if you liked it. Take care❤



ohhh myyy godddd !!! dude i love it. I really love you sooooo muchhh. This is such a amazing book but Yeah !!! i am kinda a sad because they didn't end up together, i really want them together becuase after this much of sacrifice they deserve this but it's okay. As u said we can't force anything which will only leads us to pain. True meaning of love is first loving yourself just like what 'BTS' taught us and i really appreciate it. This book taught us so many things. Thank you authour-nim for writing this book. 
          I hope u write more books in future.
          hoping for your best. 
          I really respect you and love you soo much.
          i purple you


hey when u are going to released the epilouge, i can't wait to read it. Plzz upadate it fast. Love you


@bts_kpopquotes Epilogue & Outro updated!!❤️


@bts_kpopquotes and plzz made the sequel, their are many things which is hidden and i really want them to be together.