Hi pumpkins! This is the revamped version of the scent and the siren that I'm writing under a different pen name. Go read xoxo 


@bellethewinebae Why Rico is Rico no more?  


Without ending OG story of Rico and Belle how can we accept new story with almost same story line? We readers were so invested in previous story line. I think this is 3 rd time you have removed scent trilogy. Please give us complete story with ending.


I don't know as a author how you can do this to your fanbase? We are so attached to scent trilogy and from past 4 years I'm reading this book but you never finished the last installment of book. Always change and remove before giving us a ending.i got it you r writing from new pov but at least give us a ending of previous version of rico and belle and continue ur work with ares and belle but for once give us the ending of previous version atleast.from past 4 years you r doing this never giving us sorry but It highly broke my heart and I'm  disappointed.