Ang cringe ng about me ko huhu


Permission to plug, salamat po! (But feel to delete it,Salamat po)
          Sharing my first story here sa Wattpad. It's BXB, Fem/androgynous x masculine. If you're into it, please do give it a try. 
          If you liked it, please do not forget to vote, like and share to your friends. It's highly appreciated. Salamat! 



sorry for shameless plug...
          Hello po, dear reader. Recommend ko lang po sana ang sarili ko. I have four BL novels na baka magustuhan mo:
          1. Stone-ongoing
          2. Ark and Apple -completed
          3. Kiss the Rain -completed
          4. Sunset Bucket List -completed
          I also have award winning short stories form various official wattpad contests na baka ibigin mo rin:
          1. Ang Prinsipe ng Ngihib
          2. Cornflower
          3. Pakilala
          4. Alpas
          You can always check my profile anytime and flood me with comments if you wish. Salamat po.
          You can also check me on tiktok: jomgamerland_on_wattpad for some amazing BL videos


Hello! Sorry for plugging in my story!
          Hi everyone! This is my first time writing a story ang i hope you will support my hardships while writing this book. I'm still exploring the m2m smvt world so please bear with my writing skills. I do hope that i met your expectations lalo na sa mga sex scence huhu. Wala pa kasi akong experience hahahah. Again yout support would be much appreciated. Sorry author for plugging my story!