I just want to say that every time I see the cover for this story, I get little heart flutters because of how ENTRANCED I was with it. Writer to writer. I hope to become a fraction as good as you are at wording and creating your stories. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!! ❤️


I’m the same way!!!! 


Reading “Safe With Me” right now and it’s so good!!! I’ve choked on my tea laughing more than once at your sass/witty writing and the smut is perfect.  Looking forward to future books from you ❤️‍


I love your books, they are delightful. 
          Your writing is phenomenal, the plots and the description of details are amazing. The way you build the storylines is utterly creative. You’re really talented, and thank you for sharing that amazing ability with us. 
          You totally deserve way much more recognition. I’m looking forward to read whatever you might come up with in the future. ❤️


I’ve just finished reading both of your works and they are so damn good!!! The storylines are immaculate and the way you paint images with your words are stunning. And the “spicy vocabulary” is actually refreshing and really fun to read  thank you so much for writing these, you have real talent! I will definitely be re reading these books very soon and I’m looking forward to see what you might come up with next!  


I just binge read both stories you have published and they were absolutely phenomenal! I loved them so much and will definitively be rereading them. You’re writing for both of these books were exquisite and I was thoroughly impressed. Please continue writing! I would love to read more.