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"Well... if you want me to take them out it will cost you"

"Im Russian... what did you expect?!"

"Yeah, Yeah blah blah... shut the hell up"

"I work for the V's but I do it to gather information"

"Don't die on me... please"

"I am an overlord! You will not look down at me like some lowlife"

"(Y/N) don't do that"

"Mummy? Why the hell would you call me that?"

"Can you shut up or not?"

"(Y/N)... don't push it "

"I need a bloody drink..."

"What?... quit staring creep"


Name: Libby Anastasia Irian Nedia Natalia

Nicknames: Lib, Mother, sugar tits, darling, hunny bun

Age: 25

Gender: female

Sexuality: Pansexual and Poly

Friends/family: Unknown

Height: 8 feet

Species: Demon

Fandom: Hazbin Hotel

Crush's: Angel/Husk or OC if ya want

Strength: 90%

Weakness: 10%


Wattpad Friends:

Discord: blackrose7775
  • Hazbin Hotel
  • JoinedAugust 8, 2019

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blackrose6969420 blackrose6969420 Feb 01, 2024 05:30AM
Libby gazed down at you as her red eyes glow in the light from the fire. Her tall frame towered over you as she didn’t speak or move for a couple of minutes before the corners of her lips twisted int...
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Oc's and Edits
In the title and most of them will most likely be different versions of my main oc Libby-
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Libby's Instagram part 2
Ummmmmmm this is an rp book so feel free to rp
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Transformers RP (Open!)
The title says all
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