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Author: CrimsonRipley 
          Description: One of two siblings flees to a bar in order to calm down after a heated argument. Surprisingly, he didn't come home that night. He never came home at all. As the siblings were unable to mingle and make friends. Abigail was forced to ask her brother's only friend who had a bad name around town,  she had never met before and never wanted to due to his bad image but had no choice now, How far would you go for your sibling? Could you really judge her? She began to overthink the situation, worried dearly about her brother, the only person, who truly cared for her. Abigail receives numerous texts from a unknown number during this odd hunt; Claiming to have her brother but demandimg a fee. However, his true desire is for her, and he will not give up until he gets her. He always takes what he wants.

          Genre: dark romance, Mystery, Thriller, fantasy


Hey, I hope you can give my book a try. Its a romance/ comedy book. So if you love romance books and laughing then you can't go wrong with this book. Hope you give it a chance. Also you can leave book recommendations on my comment board. I love checking out knew stories.