I'm bookiecookie1486 and you clicked to know more about me so let's do that.

Important people on wattpad:

My co-parent @hisokasbabymama
My biggest fan @KitsuneTheClever

Personality: I'm chill. I don't like arguing. I'm strange and very loyal.

Miraculous ladybug
Food wars
Assassination classroom
Fruit bowls
That's it for now!

I write books on wattpad. Mostly x readers. They're called:

Effortless (Tsukishima x reader)
Lost (Maud Geer x reader)
Colorless ( Todoroki x reader)
Extra Ordinary ( Luka x reader)
A perfect love ( Bakugo x reader)
That's it till i have a weird dream or something.

Without further ado
Peace out!
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