To all followers,
          	I only saw the message now and I'm sorry I haven't been updating many of @booksiebooksie 's books for a while, but you all should know that @booksiebooksie is back and reposting all of these stories!
          	Go let everyone else know lol


          	  Glad your back, miss your stories :D


Ok so I’ve been looking for @booksiebooksie for a while because I remembered reading a lot of their stories and I was curious as to what happened to them. Also I was wondering if they were the author of the series unique was in and this story about an app to help you make friends from around the world. Any responses would be greatly appreciated


I an old iPad that hasn’t been connected to the net with Wattpad open. I’m holding a lot of deleted titles hostage while I back them up and “Sincerely, The Quarterback” is one of them. You can have the scrollshot pictures of each individual chapter if you want to type out the original?


do you happen to have “worth it” on there as well?


@Jesseah14 I would be willing to type out Sincerely, The Quarterback with full credit to booksiebooksie if you want to send it to me/connect with me to do that.


@Jesseah14 I hope that happens, that is one of my daughter and I favorite book and we miss it!!!!


I finally found the title of the book I've read long time ago. It was sincerely, the quarterback. I'v only found out that the writer deactivated. I'm hoping that the story will be available again. Please, make it happen.


Seriously, thank you so much for reuploading @booksiebooksie 's books. They are wonderful and if you ever have the chance to upload "Last Chance" I'd be very happy. Love what you're doing❤❤❤


@booksiebooksieproj If I recall, it also had a spinoff which was wonderful. I unfortunately don't remember it's name.


Hi booksiebooksie has actually taken "Sincerely The Quarterback" down again for some reason and I was wondering if maybe you could pick back up where you left off? If not it's okay. Thank you for reassuring me that I'm not crazy cause when I couldn't find "Sincerely The Quarterback" I thought I was going loosing it lol.