Can I make a request for your Brendon Urie oneshots or something-@


@A_Lonely_Lesbian I’m still working on it atm


            if you don't mind me asking, are you finished with my request? if so, can i get the title of the chapter? sorry, haven't read your oneshots book in a while-


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Oh hello! May I ask if you could do a Fluff or Smut based on the song The Good The Bad And The Dirty (heh, you see that?)? I want you to do more death of a bachelor stuff, cause im like in love with that era and also a fever, but idk about that as well.
          If you do take my request, then thank you so much! 


Hi! I want to make a request for your story! 
          I wanted to ask if you could do a request where the reader is in a band as well, but they are struggling to write a song. (They could play anything or sing.) They are stressed so Brendon finds out and helps them de-stress, as well as write a song, or two. Basically, fluffy (or smutty, depending on whatcha want to write) and cute. 
          Thank you for reading! I actually really like that story! :)