I’m thinking of writing some one shots sometime soon since it’s no commitment and easier for me right now. Would you guys like that? 


YESSSS  hope your feeling much better xx


@calliebode yes of course. Could you continue All I Want 3 as well? Don't feel any pressure!


Guys idk the author callie but after reading comments from I friends I think it's best we just give her some time! She is going through a mental health phase and we need to give her time! Shes written all these wonderful and amazing books! So instead of asking her to finish 'All I want 3' maybe consider about rethinking of what you guys past commented! Bc I'm sure if your going through the same thing she is going through you would be having trouble writing books!


Hey! You’ve been gone for a minute now I just wanted to say we miss you and hope that your okay, I hope everything alright and you’re doing well or will get well soon. We hope your okay, I don’t know what your going through but just know you’re appreciated and loved. I hope to see you soon<3 


hey, ive been waiting for you to finish the all i want sequel for a yr now, so please consider getting to it.


@Anonymous_Holland Can you respectfully calm down. She's going thru smth and jrs not smth easy to get over from. Let her have her time jeez. 


The author has been going through something for a while so maybe you could please consider shutting up? Xx