Hello, my lovely readers. 
          	First, Happy New Year!!
          	Second, I apologize for the lack of communication. The second half of 2022 was difficult (among other things, "stepmothers" are not good), money was tight, I got a new job, a promotion, I'm trying to finish my degree, and a butt load of personal stuff was and still is going on, and something needed to shift to the back burner. 
          	WP was that thing. Please know that I will be finishing Harry and Mia's journey. 
          	Third, I will be back on February 1st, that sacred day I'm sure we all celebrate. 
          	Fourth, to all those who have stuck around and have reached out, thank you and I love you and appreciate you and I hope that what I have in store for the end of book 2 and book 3 will be entertaining and fulfilling.
          	Again I'm sorry for the lack of communication over the last few months. Sometimes life takes hold and it's hard to come back after a long time. 
          	I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and a happy new year. 
          	I'll see you in February!
          	All the love, C


can't wait for you to publish book three but make sure you are taking all the time you need for yourself! stay healthy and be happy!


I am just seeing this…Take all the time you need! You are always worth waiting for! I am sending all my wishes that 2023 is a much deserved fabulous year for you! I’m sorry second half of 2022 was difficult. Glad you had Harry to help and make you smile at times! See you I’m February!♥️


@ccalianese I think it's pointless to wait so long for a chapter from you I loved your story but you play it unfair so many people wait for you to reply if you're ok pretending not to see these comments everyone has social media I doubt you don't use them during the day though it's a bit sad  what I see you should think about your promises but it's probably best if you delete these books after all this time no one will wait because they will forget about your books


She doesn’t owe the readers a single thing. She can update once a year if that’s what she wants to do.  She has a life and responsibilities outside of writing these books (for free). 
            @ccalianese I hope you’re truly doing ok, and don’t let comments like this one get to you. And for the record I will wait and I haven’t forgotten about your books so I do still hope you update. Heck I’m still hoping the Harry POV book gets updated as well. 


@HataMontana she's probably busy and give her time. Don't be rude. 


@HataMontana you do realize wattpad authors don’t get paid right? she doesn’t owe us anything. think before you type ok?