for my fellow (physical) book lovers, what are your favorite books? i need more books to buy and read!! 


@cermonial this is three freaking years late, but I love the Girl, Missing series by Sophie McKenzie and highly recommend it!!


@cermonial ‘a danger to herself and others’ by alyssa sheinmel !! if you enjoyed ‘girl, interrupted’ this is a good rec and it’s really interesting with cool plot twists 


          	  01. “people we met on vacation” ( emily henry ) is an amazing romcom that made me laugh harder than i ever have. 
          	  02. if you haven’t read “where the crawdads sing” i HIGHLY recommend it. 
          	  03. if you have read wtcs, and liked it, i’d recommend “the floating girls” ( lo patrick ). it has the same vibes at wtcs ( murder mystery with a young girl in the swamp ) and has an INSANE plot twist towards the end. 
          	  04. “under the dome” ( stephen king ) is also amazing.